cruise ship Cruises just might be the ultimate worry-free vacations.
Beautiful ships - wonderful food and service - pools - spas - exclusive entertainment - and as much or as little to do as you want!

ocean cruise
Ocean Cruises
Today, there are cruises to almost any destination you can imagine and you would be surprised by how close you are to a cruise port! You can go for a weekend or take a World Cruise and be gone for months. The destinations are almost unlimited - New England, Canada, Caribbean, South or Central America, Mexico, Alaska, Europe, China, Scandinavia, Africa and more. There's everything from immense ocean liners (complete with real trees, bowling alleys, ice rinks and spas) to beautiful sailing ships ... with a price to fit everyone's budget.
river cruises
River Cruises
Imagine a luxurious hotel on the water - always in sight of land and beautiful scenery - on waterways used by travelers for centuries. This is river cruising. Your port stops are generally in the middle of the oldest part of town - shore excursions are almost always included - most ships have free wine and beer with dinner. With an average size of 150 passengers, you don't have the hustle and bustle of a big ship. It's a great way to relax and see the world!
Group Cruises
Your group might consist of friends and family - your bowling league - your bridge club - scrap bookers - golf buddies - girlfriends - church groups - wedding parties - you name it! There are extra benefits in booking a group cruise and you only need to use your imagination to put one together. Groups can start with only 5-10 people. Call me for ideas!
Cruises are probably the most hassle-free arrangement for Family Reunions. There are itineraries and activities for all ages - ensuring that everyone has a real vacation!
speciality cruises
Speciality Cruises
Ocean and river cruises are the norm in the cruising world, but there are many more options available.
You can sail on a Tall Ship in the South Pacific - delight in the ambience of a Luxury Yacht - watch for pink dolphins on a Riverboat built especially for the Amazon River - explore Antarctica on an Expedition Ship - travel in luxury along the Norwegian Coast in a working Cargo Ship - explore European and American rivers on a deluxe River Barge - or charter your own.